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Guide to a Healthy Diet for Children

Blaise Noble-Schueller
5 minute read

healthy diet for children

For many of us Americans we were raised with entrées of a lot of hot dogs, chicken nuggets and butter noodles. If this wasn’t the main dish, we usually had a large helping of candy and cookies as an appetizer. Though most of us couldn’t live on this type of diet in our older lives, it is easy to see why these types of food and this type of diet is popular among children. These foods are quick, cheap and easy to make, saving busy parents a lot of time, effort and money. Though we all can admit that we may choose to have this diet currently it just isn’t sustainable for us or children in the household.

Unfortunately, poor health among children is at an all-time high with about 210,000 Americans under age 20 estimated to have diagnosed diabetes, which accounts for roughly 0.25% of that population. This startlingly high number is most definitely alarming. Popular snacking brands have continued to market their product to children particularly of very young age by using catchy slogans and child-friendly visuals to attract young consumers. However, there is no longer need to worry about your children eating unhealthy snacks as Tastermonial has proudly launched a babies & kids section of our website so that us adults aren’t the only ones staying healthy.

In our new kids’ section of the website, we focus on a few major brands that we feel have great upside to children due to their simplicity of ingredients and a taste that children will be sure to enjoy. I will continue to touch on three brands’ products I believe are both effective and tasty.

bite brite Healthy Diet for Children

The first brand and products that I will advocate on behalf of is the company Brite Bites. This company boasts a variety of offerings on our website that can suit your kids for a variety of occasions. They specialize in small energy bites that are loaded with a ton of healthy ingredients. They offer a variety of flavors including: Coconut Cran, Dark Cocoa, and PB + Oats. All of these options are both offered in multiple package sizes with bite size energy bites suited for people of all ages. My personal favorite is the PB + Oats. These bites are gluten free and contain all-natural ingredients including Gluten Free oats, honey, peanut butter, organic cacao nibs, organic chia seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sea salt, and other natural probiotics. 

If you are looking to purchase Bite Brite energy bites the link can be found here:

bohana Healthy Diet for Children

 The second brand I would love to take the time to write about is Bohana and their popped water lily seeds, also known as makhana. Popped water lily seeds have been consumed in India for over thousands of years and this brand is attempting to recreate the natural, ancient snack. Bohana has reshaped this snack by adding appealing flavors to this otherwise bland snack. The two flavors Tastermonial offers on our website are the Wild White Cheddar and the Pink Himalayan Salt. Bohana keeps these products all natural and they boast a variety of health benefits including high fiber, lower cholesterol levels, and high potassium to aid in blood pressure and correct heart rhythm. So next time when your child asks for a snack instead of giving them chips or white cheddar popcorn this healthy snack is a great alternative.

To purchase the Bohana Wild White Cheddar popped water lily seeds use this link:

Beviva Healthy Diet for Children

The final group of kid friendly snacks I am going to talk about in our children section of our website is the brand Beviva. The great thing about Beviva products on our website is there is a great variety of products offered. Additionally, a ton of their products are currently on sale on our website which should give you even more of an excuse to try these products. Beviva offers a variety of different snacks and breakfast items that are vegan, healthy and also delicious. Instead, when your child asks for a quick snack and you go to grab the nearest potato chips maybe try to switch it up to Beviva’s Sweet Potato Chips Bag. This product offers a satisfying crunch, natural flavors with no salt, and hearty satisfaction despite the age of the person eating them. The multiple colors of the chips will also keep a child engaged and excited to snack on a healthier chip option.

Second, Beviva also offers a variety of healthy breakfast options for the little ones at home. Their dairy-free cereal cups are loaded with healthy breakfast items such as oat milk, purple sweet potatoes, wild rice, and dried fruits. This breakfast is a great alternative to the colorful, unhealthy, sugary cereals that us, as well as children have grown to know and love. This healthy alternative will give children the energy that they need to function throughout the day while limiting the sugar content that other brands offer in their products.

To purchase the Beviva products written about either visit the Tastermonial website or use this link:

Guide to a Healthy Diet for Children was first found at Tastermonial.

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