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Superbowl Sunday

  • 3 min read
Get Ready for Superbowl Sunday the Tastermonial Way

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” No, I’m not talking about Christmas, thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Quansah. I’m talking about the biggest football Sunday of the year. This weekend the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs look to hold their title against the greatest Quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. 

Whether you are watching as a pure football fan looking to enjoy a great game or just trying to see some entertaining commercials, the Superbowl has something for everyone. However, one thing everyone agrees on is that the star of every (COVID-19) safe Superbowl party is what type of good snacks people have to offer.

Though probably the best appetizers and “finger food” of the year, many people leave a Superbowl party having put a year’s worth of calories, high fructose corn syrup and sugar in their systems. Though super tasty it doesn’t have to be this way! Using Testimonial-endorsed products I have devised a list that won’t take away from the great taste of Superbowl weekend but could also have you in “football ready” shape the next morning.

Beviva Potato chips

The first big substitute on our list comes in form of everyone’s favorite vehicle for their dips and dressings alike. That’s right, I’m talking about potato chips. Everyone knows that potato chips might be the biggest wasted calories in the book, nonetheless they are addicting and at the end ofthe day pretty delicious. Unfortunately, the average bag of classic potato chips contains a ton of fat, a lot of calories and a metaphorical “ton” of salt. As a great substitute for this go-to snack Tastermonial recommends Beviva Sweet Potato Chips. This great snack will brighten up anyone’s spread with its great colors. Additionally, no need to feel bad after munching on these as they contain just about half of all the negative nutrition facts traditional potato chips contain so you will feel good the next morning.

Moon cheese

Next up, we have another crunchy snack to add to the party. This snack is sure to please all cheese lovers that attend. Moon Cheese boasts a wide variety of cheese flavors including, cheddar, pepper jack, parmesan and gouda. These small, circular cheese balls are made with 100% cheese and are loaded with protein (11g). So, along with tasting great, these cheese balls are sure to give energy and nutrients to everyone who chooses to partake in the deliciousness.

Old Salt Merchant Cocktail Kit Gift Set

I’ve listed two products and I’m sure many are wondering, what about the most important part ofSuperbowl parties, the drinks?! Don’t worry, Tastermonial still has your beverages covered. With the Old Salt Merchants Cocktail Kit Gift Set you are sure to impress all who are around. 

This drink kit comes with a huge variety of cocktail spices to make the rim of your drink looking pristine. It comes with six 1-ounce jars that include Black Lava Salt, Chili Lime Salt, Smoky Bold Salt, Whiskey Barrel Sugar, Lavender Sugar and Rose Sugar. With a variety of spices your Margarita or Bloody Mary will be looking like 30-dollar drinks.

Judge Casey’s Irish Country Ketchup

Next, it’s time to throw away your unhealthy, full of preservative condiments and time to get Judge Casey’s Irish Country Ketchup, Original Recipe. Not only will this ketchup taste way better than just about every brand at your local supermarket but is also friendly towards diets and much healthier. The ketchup is all natural, vegan friendly, has no additives and no high fructose corn syrup. With only 35 calories a serving, feel free to load up this delicious ketchup on anything you please without feeling any remorse.

Ariana’s energy bites 

Finally, last but certainly not least we have dessert. This is the category that is my personal kryptonite. I’ve heard the saying “moment on the lips many weeks on the hips’ ‘ a countless number of times but it just can’t stop me. When I see cookies or brownies, I simply can’t refuse and I find myself with a big stomach ache the next morning after consuming an unhealthy amount of added sugar. Luckily, with Ariana’s energy bites this shouldn’t be an issue for dessert lovers like myself. With simple ingredients such as nuts, cinnamon and coconut oil these cinnamon bites will give you the satisfaction of eating an unhealthy cookie for a fraction of the health side effects and most importantly no added sugars.

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