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High Protein Diet Benefits and Drawbacks

  • 4 min read
high protein diet

Maybe, you’ve been searching the web left and right in order to find a diet that fuels your energy for the day while not overloading on empty calories. 

Maybe, you’ve alternated diets looking for the best fit for you but, the foods you were eating tasted disgusting, or maybe your diets have made you feel unhealthier than when you originally started trying to eat better. 

If you read one of these “maybe’s” and feel that the description may apply to you it may be time to try a high protein diet. In this post I will outline the positives and negatives of a high protein diet and the specific person that this may be applicable to. 

To understand the pros and cons of the high protein diet we must first understand just what exactly a high protein diet is. The main idea of a high protein diet is to try to limit carb intake as much as possible and to rather consume calories from protein. 

Many high protein dieters look to eat roughly 20% of their body’s calorie intake in protein which is far more than the average person’s 13%-16% of daily calories are absorbed through protein. 

The first step in adapting a high protein diet is to cut out as many unnecessary carbs as possible. This may include limiting processed food, white rice, pasta and most baked goods. Though it is important to limit carbs, too few carbs in one’s diet may lead to lack of energy and feelings of nausea, so it is essential that carbs are still present. 

Generally, carbs contain more calories than protein so by substituting carbs for protein, it cuts calorie intake while still replenishing your body with healthy nutrients, prompting weight loss.

Advantages of a high protein diet

Obviously, the natural advantages of protein itself go hand in hand with what the diet looks to offer the consumer. 

Protein is made up of a chemical called amino acids which aids the body in building and repairing muscles while also perpetuating hormone and enzyme production.

The ability to replenish muscles and bones is what makes a high protein diet great for active people who are looking to build muscle while limiting fat. When someone works out it breaks down the muscle, allowing room for nutrients, specifically protein to help in healing and growing the “broken down” muscle.

While I’m sure many readers love to enjoy the occasional slice of cake and are wondering how they could possibly cut out carbs from their diet, there are a ton of advantages that go beyond just the health aspect of high protein. A high protein diet is one of the least restricting diets in terms of food that is “off limits”. Yes, the cookies, brownies, and warm bread may have to wait a few months but other than that most foods are highly encouraged. 

Though I have exclusively talked about what you can’t eat on a high protein diet, one of the big attractions is what you should eat. I’m sure all the meat-lovers will go crazy when I say that there is no need to feel bad about that steak last night, lobster last week or beans with your eggs in the morning. 

Foods rich in protein, like the ones I just named are what high protein dieters will recommend for your source of hunger. Along with meat there are also a ton of different grains and vegetables that offer a lot of protein such as, lentils, quinoa or oats.

Disadvantages of a high protein diet

Similar to every other diet, there are huge advantages switching to high protein but there are also some concerns and things to be desired.

I have noticed that a lot of the online community as well as registered dietitians highlight snacking as one of most difficult aspects of the diet. Though this may be cause for concern for some, there are a ton of ways around this. 

The first is making sure to eat big meals, this will limit hunger and snacking throughout the day. However, when the snacking sensation starts to set in Tastermonial has you covered. 

Under the “High protein” tab in our diets section we list a ton of great snacks for high protein dieters. My favorite is Moon Cheese, Moon Cheese will give you the crunchy chip sensation that you are looking for while also being packed with protein, so you don’t feel you are setting yourself back.

Although research has found that high protein diets prompt weight loss short term there is still more research that must be done regarding the long term affects. For this reason, it is best to try the diet for a short amount of time and to see how your body reacts.

Who should adapt to high protein?

While there is still more research that needs to be done regarding high protein diets, the vast majority of research leads us to believe that high protein diets are well-tailored for people who have very active lifestyles and who are looking to lose a few pounds in the short term. If any of what you just read applied to you and you hop on the high protein train Tastermonial’s “high protein” section will help you in all of your dieting journeys.