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The new Continuous Glucose Monitor Freestyle Libre 3 is now available in pharmacies across the US

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freestyle libre 3

In the ever-advancing world of health technology, the FreeStyle Libre 3 is the newest addition. Traditional continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are small, non-invasive sensors that can measure glucose levels 24 hours a day. Abbott’s Libre 3 just launched in the US and brought a few exciting new features to glucose monitoring.   

What makes the Libre 3 so special?

The foremost improvement of the Libre 3 is evident at first sight. It is the world’s smallest and thinnest CGM. The small size will allow it to integrate almost seamlessly into our day and environment. With a 41% reduction in plastic use and a 43% decrease in carton paper, Abbott hopes to make a sustainable impact on blood sugar regulation.

The Libre 3 has undergone major improvements in the accuracy of measurements. The Libre 3 touts a mean absolute relative difference (MARD) value of 7.9%. Its predecessor, the Libre 2 had a MARD of 9.2%. This means that the new CGM is more accurate. Former versions of CGMs required scanning every eight hours with a “flash” NFC reader. Users had to hold a phone close to the sensor in order to receive a reading. The Libre 3 has a one-time activation scan, then you are good to go. The device samples every minute and sends the data straight to a phone, which means there are more data points on your glucose graph. These additional data points can be helpful to pinpoint sharp changes in glucose. It also means you can sleep in over the weekend without fear of losing data if you go over eight hours without a scan. Actually, the Libre 3 sensor can store data for up to 14 days without syncing. 

What can we do with the Libre 3?

The Libre 3 allows users to more accurately and conveniently track glucose levels. While CGMs are an integral part of life for people with diabetes, they are also incredibly helpful as a preventative tool.  By testing foods and measuring the glucose response, users can make more informed choices for foods that will not dramatically spike blood sugar. It has recently become a trend to test and use natural science-backed foods like GOOD IDEA, a functional beverage intended to lower your blood sugar response to meals. Foods and drinks that stabilize glucose levels can lead to improved energy and enhanced metabolic health. In the long run, targeting ways in which we can reduce post-meal glucose spikes can significantly reduce the risk of metabolic conditions, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

"The Libre 3 has a one-time activation scan, then you are good to go. The device samples every minute and sends the data straight to a phone, which means there are more data points on your glucose graph.”

Where can I get the Libre 3?

The Libre 3 is now available for purchase in the local pharmacy. The price point for the device will be similar to previous models. Just like its predecessors, you will still need a prescription to purchase the Libre 

Tastermonial is a convenient way to get a prescription and try some of those functional, glucose-stabilizing foods (like GOOD IDEA) and measure your postprandial response.  In this way, we can make informed choices about functional tools we can use to improve our metabolic health.

This article is contributed by Dr. Colleen Gulick. She is a life-science writer for GOOD IDEA. She had degrees in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, and exercise physiology. Outside of academia, Colleen is a World Cup champion and professional cyclist for the USA national team. She enjoys any opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for physiology and performance.

Dr. Colleen Gulick