Why sell on Tastermonial?

  • We have created the first “fair market” grocery store to give emerging brands the ability to compete with larger brands
  • We save small businesses money on marketing and advertising through free and collaborative promotion on our various media outlets. We do the work to get your minimally-processed products into the hands of consumers. 
  • Tastermonial ships direct-to-consumer, saving you money on warehouse and extra shipping costs
  • No upfront fees

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Our mission is to make healthy eating work, not as an occasional treat, but as a way of life. We work with emerging food brands that cater to different dietary needs to provide people who follow specific diets or have restrictions with a variety of products that work with their lifestyle AND tastes good!

Countless products on the market are filled with added sugars, preservatives, gluten, and indecipherable ingredients that many people want to avoid. We steer consumers towards minimally-processed products and brands that cater to people who follow specific diets, whether by choice or for health reasons. This ensures that our consumers can quickly and easily find groceries and snacks that match their diet without spending hours reading food labels. 

Now more than ever, consumers with dietary restrictions are looking for products that fit their lifestyle, but are unable to find them in grocery stores. Tastermonial brings together emerging brands that create compatible products for our consumers. We work hard to connect you with your target customers so they can discover delicious, good-for-you foods.

What are the specifications for brands looking to partner with Tastermonial?

Our goal at Tastermonial is to provide tasty products that are in-line with our customers’ preferences. We value smaller businesses that cater to these dietary restrictions, and Tastermonial serves as a platform to make these brands more accessible.

We’re picky — and for the right reasons. Our brands must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing standards. In addition, our team of food-fanatic experts taste test each product to ensure that it gets our seal of approval. The brands we work with share our beliefs on transparency, ethical sourcing and production, and creating a more sustainable food system. This way, we provide our customers top-notch products that they can feel good about.

Join Tastermonial in making an impact and apply now! We’re excited to hear from you.

Brand Partners FAQ

Through our online grocery market, consumers will be able to find your products based on their dietary needs and our recommendation. We also have a variety of monthly Tasterboxes that cater to different dietary restrictions. The contents are always rotating so we can introduce consumers to brands they may not be familiar with, so this is a great way to get your products into the hands of your target consumers! 

Two thirds of the population now has food allergies, intolerances, or health-related issues that affect their dietary choices.  Many others follow a diet that make them feel their best, like restricting gluten or meat. Whether you have a dietary restriction, food allergy, or are just looking to broaden your food horizons, Tastermonial provides a variety of good-for-you foods that don’t skimp on taste. 

In addition to our e-commerce market, we have an iOS app that scans nutrition labels and ingredients to determine if a food fits the users dietary profile. Both our app and grocery store recommend products to consumers based on their diet, which could include yours!

Yes! We understand that marketing and advertising can take up a huge amount of budget. Tastermonial alleviates that burden by helping consumers find you through our marketing channels, free of charge. We also alert our audience to new brands that have joined the Tastermonial community to ensure your brand is getting proper exposure and consumers never feel limited in their options.

Food has many sensory dimensions. Consumers experience products beyond visual perception and touch. By tasting food, consumers convey their preferences. Our compiled taste perception data helps you reduce expensive failure and create products which your targeted customers love.

A higher taste review score also helps you attract potential customers, business partners, and investors. Our taste reviews decipher the sense that people experience when savoring the different foods. That being said, we collect the sensory profile from our 5 senses picked up by our tongue palates (taste), mouth (texture), nose (smell), eye (visual), and ears (hearing).

We help you run the taste-testing to measure product preference levels. That way you’ll get insights into your consumers’ preferences of your products.

As an alternative to hiring an expensive consultant to do the work, Tastermonial gives you the tools to help you know your customers.

Through our collaboration with partners and food scientists, consumers fill out the questionnaires after sampling your food products at home or at local tasting events. Interested? Let us know. 

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