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Glucose Challenge Kit

CGM prescription + Report Included

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Dietary Preference: Plant Based

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Bring your own CGM and run glycemic impact testing on clean-label food products and supplements.

By testing along with others, you experience the unique ways your body responds to different foods and compare with others.

Log tested food and sync CGM data on our App to start experimenting! 

If you need a CGM for learning purposes at an affordable price, ask our affiliate doctor for a prescription and pick them up at the local pharmacy. 

Consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding allergies, ingredients, or medical conditions.

Warning and Caveats

Our affiliate medical doctor facilitates CGM prescription for educational purposes only and not for medical treatment like diabetes. No physician relationship is implied. Always consult your own healthcare professional for all medical questions and/or diabetes treatment decisions.

Tastermonial does not make or sell the CGM, so unfortunately we can’t be responsible for any problems you experience with the device. If there’s a problem with your CGM, you can get help from your pharmacist. We’ve also found that Abbott Labs is very helpful, even replacing it for free if it doesn't work.

*You must have iPhone 7+ to retrieve your glucose data to an app without the reader device.