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Glucose Challenge Kit By Tastermonial

After your order, you will receive a medical in-take form to fill in

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Dietary Preference: Plant Based

How it works

What's included:

👉  clean-label food samples for testing

👉  the test instruction inside the box

👉  analysis of your post-eating glucose data (upon request)*

* Based on foods logged on the Tastermonial iPhone  App 


About Tastermonial app

The food evaluation app lets you learn which foods are good for your metabolic health with the CGM. Share your glucose responses with friends and family to help educate them about hidden sugar!   

Download our free iPhone app

See how it works video

Warning and Caveats

*You must have iPhone 7+ to retrieve your glucose data to an app or else purchase Abbott's reader device.

We do not issue refund on the CGM devices once they have been shipped from our affiliated pharmacy. If there’s an issue with your CGM device, you shall contact Abbott's Freestyle Libre Customer Care to replace the device for free.

The following are possible adverse effects of applying a CGM sensor and wearing the adhesive patch: local erythema (redness), local infection, inflammation, pain or discomfort, bleeding at the glucose sensor insertion site, bruising, itching, scarring or skin discoloration, hematoma, and adhesive irritation.

No physician relationship is implied. Always consult your own healthcare professional for all medical questions and/or diabetes treatment decisions.

Consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding allergies, ingredients, or medical conditions.