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CGM (Prescription Only) good for 2 patches

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To get the most out of the Taster Box, we invite you to run glucose experiments on  yourself with the free Tastermonial app and a 14-day continuous glucose-monitoring ("CGM") patch. 

The optional CGM device is an advanced sensor, the Freestyle Libre from Abbott Laboratories, that is available only through your local pharmacy. Our medical staff is authorized to write prescriptions to qualified testers who check the “add-on” option under the Taster Box purchase page on our website. For a small processing fee ($18), we’ll send your order to the pharmacy of your choice. 

Please note: because pharmacy prices are highly variable, the sensors are not included in the Taster Box price. You should expect to pay between $30 to $50 for each 14-day sensor.

What is CGM?

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a technology long used for diabetes management but is now gaining popularity among tech-savvy weight watchers, athletes, and others who like the immediate feedback it offers for the body’s glucose levels. Glucose, or blood sugar, is an important measure of overall metabolic health. It tracks remarkably well to overall health, and not just for diabetes or pre-diabetes, but for everything from weight control, hormones imbalance, and fatigue to sleep quality and more.

The CGM, which attaches easily (and bloodlessly!) to the back of the arm, monitors blood glucose minute-by-minute for a 14-day period. You can check the glucose levels at any time by scanning the sensor with a smartphone. Within minutes of eating each snack, the app displays the effect it had on your body’s glucose levels. Although you can immediately tell whether a food raises your glucose levels and by how much, the real value comes with knowing how unusual that is for your own body.