[Food Earth] Organic Indian Eggplant Curry with Steamed Rice | 10.58oz | 1 Pack

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Food Earth: Flavor: Indian Eggplant Curry  |  Size: 10.58oz 1-Pack

Classic South Indian recipe of Eggplant (a high-fiber, low-calorie food that is rich in nutrients and comes with many potential health benefits) and Coconut, infused with a fragrant mix of aromatic spices accompanied with the delicate fluffy rice from the Himalayan foothills, prepared with love, to give your taste buds a nutritious and flavorful experience!

  • Food Earth is “Healthy, Hearty & Hassle Free!”
  • Healthy – Organic & Nutrient Rich, USDA Organic Certified, Non GMO Certified, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, 100% Natural Healthy Meal, No Artificial Additives, Flavors or Preservatives.
  • Hearty – Our meals are wholesome and satisfying. They are made with Authentic Indian Recipes. The meals come in a combo pack of rice and curry.
  • Hassle Free – Shelf Stable, No Refrigeration Required, Carry Food Earth Wherever You Go as our meals are Pantry Ready, School, College, Office Ready, Car, Taxi, Bus, Train and Airplane Ready. Comes in Packs of 6. Each meal is packed in a Convenient Two Compartment Microwaveable Tray. Ready to Eat in Just 90 Seconds. 


Curry (150g): Water, Eggplant*, Onion*, Tomato*, Coconut Powder*, Sunflower Oil*, Garlic*, Tamarind*, Green Chilli*, Jaggery*, Salt, Sesame Seeds*, Mustard Seeds*, Curry Leaves*, Turmeric Powder*, Red Chilli Powder*, Coriander Seeds*. Rice(150g): Water, Basmati Rice*, Salt, Refined Sunflower Oil*. *ORGANICALLY GROWN AND PROCESSED