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Athletes with Specific Diets

  • 3 min read
athletes with specific diets

When it comes people that influence our healthy diets there are a ton of names that my come to mind. Some people may say that their parents played a huge role in the way that they eat today. 

Possibly, a documentary on animal abuse made you go vegan. For most people however, we base our diets, along with our lifestyles on famous personalities that we see on television.   

I mean can you blame us? Regardless of the millions of dollars that goes into various face lifts and tummy tucks the people we see on TV look pretty awesome. 

If only we knew what these people ate to stay functioning at the highest of their abilities from day-to-day. Good thing that just like everything else since the invention of the cell phone, this information isn’t private. 

With a little bit of research (stalking), I have assembled a small list of some of our “idols” that eat great diets while also managing dietary restrictions.   

Our first healthy eater of the day is beloved quarterback, Drew Brees. Brees, who recently announced his retirement, will go down as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. 

Brees possesses celiac disease which makes him unable to process gluten. But just like people who shop on the Tastermonial, this doesn’t stop him from 

eating a great diet and being able to stay at peak performance.


Though Brees is naturally free of carbs, due to his condition, his diet is also super high in protein. Brees needs the proteins necessary to continue to perform and gain muscle in his demanding profession. Brees eats a lot of fruits and vegetables while also using a lot of soy-based products, such as yogurt and milk. Brees reportedly has a very high-carb breakfast, usually pancakes or hash browns. He continues the day with various protein shakes mixed in to sustain his energy. He enjoys meals along the lines of brown rice and fish for lunch while following that up with broccoli and chicken for dinner. This diet allows Brees to stay within the limitations of his diet while also being able to perform at the highest level he can possibly be at.


Venturing away from a gluten free diet, it is time to move onto the world’s favorite diet, the vegan diet! There are a bunch of very notable athletes who have recently turned vegan, but I am going to focus on two particular athletes here, Chris Paul and Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan is a world-renowned soccer start who is dazzling on the field as well as off it. She gets a lot of praise for the way her body looks, and she attributes this large part to the diet she eats.


Chris Paul on the other hand is not so much known for his dazzling body but rather how the Basketball player has been able to compete at such a high level for so long. It seems that just like fine wine, Paul’s game has simply gotten better with age. When asked about switching his diet a few years ago he explained that eating a lighter diet allows him to keep up with players just about half his age.


Both athletes begin their average day with oatmeal, a type of vegan milk and a mixture of berries on top.


If you are looking for what type of vegan milk is best for you, here is a link to another Tastermonial blog to answer your questions.


Paul continues his days with Pasta or some brown rice, Beyond Meat sausage, grilled vegetables, maybe curry sauce. Morgan respectively continues her day with Rice with some quinoa, veggies and maybe black beans. Finally, they finish off their day with a variety of different recipes for dinner. Some of the ones that I found were, Mexican bean and sautéed veggie burrito, guacamole, Chickpea Thai curry/anything Mediterranean with rice, zucchini, Fish, perhaps a heavy soup. Finally, Paul listed his favorite dish as, the “Hawaiian Loco moco,” made with Beyond burger on top. Both have a variety of fruits and veggies to go along with protein shakes throughout the day to fulfill their snacking needs.


Though these diets are different in the way they are fundamentally constructed they both possess a variety of the same characteristics. Rather than unhealthy snacks all the athletes described are eating a variety of fruits, veggies and healthy protein shakes to sustain their hunger. In addition, the athletes stay energized with a variety of very healthy carbs such as quinoa and brown rice. Whether you choose to change our diet based on what you just read is up to you, but it is very interesting to see people at the top of their physical ability all preaching their unique ways of eating.