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Blossoming Like a Lotus: Unveiling the Power of Wearing a CGM

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Lotus Flower
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Written By: Dr. Navin Hettiarachchi Ph.D., DNM

The lotus flower, known for its healing properties, serves as a powerful symbol of growth and transformation in various cultures. Just as the lotus flower emerges from muddy waters to bloom beautifully, our healing journey involves overcoming adversity and becoming stronger. The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology can contribute to this process and help us blossom, both physically and mentally.

CGM offers a valuable means of enhancing our awareness of our nutritional and mental health status. Instead of relying solely on supplements, CGM provides real-time feedback on our glucose levels, enabling informed decisions about our food choices. This technological advancement has shown effectiveness in improving glycemic control and reducing diabetes-related complications through various studies. Moreover, CGM enhances quality of life, reduces healthcare costs, and increases patient satisfaction. By increasing our awareness of our own physiology and nutritional needs, CGM becomes a powerful tool for promoting health and wellness.

Similar to the brave lotus flower emerging from muddy waters, CGM empowers us to rise above difficult circumstances and become the beautiful human beings we are meant to be. As a doctor of Natural Medicine, I often use the lotus analogy to explain the importance of maintaining a stable internal temperature to my patients. Just as the lotus thrives at around 70-75 degrees, the living cells in our bodies function optimally within a similar temperature range.

CGM for Body Balance

However, just as flowers wither and die when exposed to constant temperatures above 90-100 degrees or sudden drops below 50 degrees, our bodies and blood sugar levels are similarly impacted by environmental factors. Hyperglycemia, resembling a flower exposed to constant high temperatures, can cause dehydration and damage, while hypoglycemia, akin to sudden drops in temperature, can lead to adverse effects. To maintain optimal health, I recommend using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device, which helps monitor glucose levels, our internal "temperature." By providing real-time data on how food and thoughts affect our bodies, CGM enables us to become more mindful and conscious of our physical and mental states. As such, I strongly advocate for the use of CGM both personally and professionally.

CGM As a Tool for Optimal State

CGM can be seen as a tool that keeps us awake and alive to the possibilities of our own transformation. Just like the lotus needs nourishment to thrive, we need to take care of our bodies and minds to reach our full potential. Maintaining the body in its optimal glucose state allows for repair, regeneration, and prevents it from entering a state of fight or flight, fear, or freeze. This promotes harmony between the body and mind, creating a healing state of flow instead of shock and defensiveness. CGM provides real-time feedback on what's happening in the body, helping us become more aware and overcome negative eating habits or thoughts.

Being awake and aware allows us to make conscious choices that lead to a more fulfilling life, both in terms of our dietary and lifestyle habits. With the aid of CGM technology, which provides us with real-time insights into how our choices impact our body and mind, we can blossom like a lotus flower and become more aligned with our true nature. This tool benefits not only myself but also my patients and clients, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The lotus flower represents a powerful journey from darkness and pain, growing in a muddy pond, to the emergence of a perfect flower above the water, radiating light and wisdom. This symbolism invites us to embrace all aspects of our lives, acknowledging that true healing and transformation arise from confronting challenges. In this pursuit, CGM serves as a vital tool, providing us with real-time data.