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JBA Glucotrojan, A Blood Sugar Balancing Supplement

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Turning FAST sugars and other carbohydrates into SLOW ones with just one packet BEFORE MEAL

  • 1000 mg proprietary Trojan22® blend including fermented Mangifera indica leaf extract, stem banana juice and mint extract
  • 250 mg White Mulberry leaf extract

PACKAGE QUANTITY:30 packets – 2 g/packet

Reducing the health impact of dietary sugar intake is a public health priority. Mulberry leaf extract may reduce blood glucose responses following sugar intake by reducing gastrointestinal carbohydrate absorption via alpha-glucosidase inhibition activity of iminosugar constituents such as 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ).

Mulberry leaf extracts are widely consumed in Asia for normalizing post-prandial blood glucose. The key ingredient Reducose® has been tested in multiple clinical trials and lowers the postprandial glucose response by up to 40%.