Challenge nutrition claims. Experiment with glucose-steady foods.

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What's Glucose Challenge Tasterbox?

A unique and fun experience to learn about your body from a box of sugar-restricted pantry samples. Here is a twist, bring your own continuous-glucose-monitoring (CGM) patch or pick our add-on option that comes on top of the box. Test your glucose responses to food samples using our app along with your friends and family and compare results.

On-the-go healthy lifestyle

It's all about balance. What if we can enjoy the convenience of packaged foods while promoting optimal metabolic health?

Which bars could sustain energy the longest? Can i drink soda? What's the best serving size for me and my family?

We partner with emerging food brands who put consumer health first.

A limited-edition collection of carefully-selected treats to help you discover the unique ways your body responds to food.  Add on a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to see minute-by-minute how each food affects you. Use our iPhone app to compare your glu
Tstermonial app helps you discover healthy foods that are low in glycemic impact for you and your family. Challenge the nutrition facts by just syncing your glucose data from Abbott Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitoring patch or from Nutrisense or Levels.
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