Challenge nutrition claims. Experiment with glucose-steady foods.

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Nutrition Fact or Fiction

Two snacks having similar calorie profile - which one is better for your waistline? What if you can see for yourself?

Challenge your family and friends

How different does your glucose spike to the same snack?

Why bother running your own glucose experiments?

Making the right food choice helps us maximize health and longevity. But counting carbs and calories do not accurately reflect how your body metabolizes nutrients. Some foods give us energy rush then crash and craving. Eating enough nutrient-dense low glycemic foods make us feel fuller for longer and thus less cravings, less brain fog, and potentially positive metabolic health impact for our brain and body. Your post-meal blood glucose shows an immediate insight to how your body converts macronutrients to energy, in particular, carbohydrates.

A limited-edition box of carefully-selected treats to help you discover the unique ways your body responds to food.

Add on a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to see minute-by-minute how each food affects you.

On-the-go healthy eating

It's all about balance. What if we can enjoy the convenience of packaged foods while promoting optimal metabolic health?

Which bars could sustain energy the longest? Can i drink soda? What's the best serving size for me and my family?

We partner with emerging food brands who put consumer health first.