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How it works

Once you get selected as a tester, you will need to have a CGM. If you don't have a CGM, our affiliate doctor can help prescribe you one (if you qualify). Then you will get the glucose challenge test box.


Just like Fitbit can track your activities, CGM can do the same to track how different foods raise your blood sugar or give you an energy slump so that you know how to make a better food choice to power you throughout the day. Stabilizing your blood sugar can help you optimize your waistline and wellbeing.

Make the right food choice to maximize health and longevity. Counting carbs and calories might not accurately reflect how your body metabolizes macronutrients as precise as blood glucose levels. Some food gives us an energy rush but leads to sugar craving. However, low glycemic food makes us feel fuller for longer and potentially impacts our brain and body positively. 

Carbs are an essential fuel for our brain, organs and muscles. But not all carbs are made equal.

Foods low in glycemic mean they have a relatively low impact on blood glucose levels. In other words, it's high in quality of carbs and fibers.

These foods tend to slowly raise blood sugar and is proven to be much more beneficial for the body – from improving energy levels to managing weight, diabetes and other health concerns.

Relatively comparing the same foods processed differently often reveal a pattern. Grains minimally processed should have a lower glycemic than highly-processed options. Try comparing your blood glucose impact of instant oats vs. steel cut oats (same portion, no sugar) and let us know your results.

First get a CGM sensor . If you haven't worn one already, you can get a prescriptionvia our affiliate medical doctor.

Sign-up to join our product testing community to try novel nutraceutical food and drinks, as well as, low glycemic foods.

Once you have a CGM, get the products to run glycemic impact experiments. The testing boxes include:

1) Nutritious and novel treats free of doubtful chemicals

2) Tips on how to run a glucose challenge test with our free mobile app

We believe that a meaningful feedback from consumers to brands will drive the improvement of food products that make us feel good.

Visualize post-eating effect from CGM data