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How Tastermonial was cooked up

From the founder, Bude Piccin

I learned to cook with my grandma in Thailand where I grew up.  She showed me how to cook with simple ingredients. That’s where my passion and curiosity for food started.

Later I had the opportunity to travel the world, lived in 7 countries and expand my tastebuds. I became intrigued with herbs, natural ingredients and food cultures.

Now being a mom of two and living in the US, I became more aware of unhealthy eating options and doubtful additives - many are banned in other countries.

It should be easy to eat healthily

People around me started to develop food sensitivities, metabolic diseases and unexplained gut ailments such as IBS. Kids’ health has been compromised and more studies linked neurological symptoms to gut-health. 

However I feel most of us do not always make grocery buying decisions based on the sound evidence of how foods impact health.  I love being outdoor and camping, so eating needs to be adapted while on-the-go.

The reality is few of us have time to search for healthy and delicious alternatives or cook for every meal, every day.

"Eating well shouldn’t be a compromise for taste, or hard to do"

The challenge is to find these healthy alternatives that match our dietary lifestyle.

It's time for a change

Thanks to the innovations in natural food preservation methods such as freeze-dried process, gas preservation, HPP, there’s a ton of newly launched ready-to-eat meals, low sugar drinks, high-fiber and nutritious snacks. These minimally-processed foods meet our desire for pleasure, nutrition, convenience, and extended shelf-life to reduce food wastes. 

Making use of my engineering background and passion for healthy eating, I’ve developed a simple way to make healthy eating work not as an occasional treat but as a way of life.

And along came Tastermonial. We do the hard work of introducing you new tastes from local and international food brands.

The proof in the pudding is in the tasting!

My favorite quote comes from Lord Kelvin - “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

To make a better food decision, the world is in need of real objective data on nutrition at the personal level. One way to do this is by engaging food manufacturers and consumers in a meaningful feedback loop.