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Freestyle Libre CGM sensor (Prescription Only)

CGM prescription + Report Included

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Prescription Length: 1 month (x2 sensors)


We invite you to run glucose challenge experiments with the free Tastermonial app for at least 28 days using the Abbott Freestyle Libre 14-day glucose monitoring sensors. Once you have completed two sensors (28-day) and opted in to share your glucose data as part of the citizen science studies, we will analyze your food log (on our Tastermonial app) and your glucose data to provide you with personalized insights. 

Our affiliated medical doctor will send you a form to request a prescription and if you are qualified, you will be picking up your sensor at the pharmacy of your choice. If you are not qualified, a refund will be issued.


You may also apply to participate in our product glycemic impact testing and review program to receive clean-label food product samples and perks. Additionally, you gain better insight by comparing your glucose spikes to others in the cohort.

Please note: because pharmacy prices are highly variable, the sensors are not included in this price. You should expect to pay between $30 to $50 for each 14-day sensor directly at your local pharmacy. You may be able to use an HSA account for payment.


What is CGM?

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a technology long used for diabetes management but is now gaining popularity among tech-savvy weight watchers, athletes, and others who like the immediate feedback it offers for the body’s glucose levels. Glucose, or blood sugar, is an important measure of overall metabolic health. It tracks remarkably well your metabolic health, and not just for diabetes or pre-diabetes, but for everything from weight control, hormones imbalance, and fatigue to sleep quality and more.

The Abbott Freestyle Libre glucose monitor attaches easily (and painlessly!) to the back of the arm and monitors blood glucose 24/7 in the interval of 15 minutes. You can check the glucose levels at any time by scanning the sensor with a smartphone using Abbott's Libre Link app. Within minutes of eating something, the app displays the effect it had on your body’s glucose levels. Although you can immediately tell whether a food raises your glucose levels and by how much, the real value comes from seeing what works for you from testing different foods, ingredients, and hacks. This learning process is accelerated when comparing your glucose spikes to others similar to you. 

About Tastermonial app

Our App helps you illustratively learn the food and eating pattern that impacts your glucose responses by running the glucose challenge experiments in a more precise manner. It lets you scan packaged foods to log nutritional values and meals.

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Consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding allergies, ingredients, or medical conditions.

Warning and Caveats

Our affiliate medical doctor facilitates CGM prescription for educational purposes only and not for medical treatment like diabetes. No physician relationship is implied. Always consult your own healthcare professional for all medical questions and/or diabetes treatment decisions.

Tastermonial does not make or sell the CGM, so unfortunately we can’t be responsible for any problems you experience with the device. If there’s a problem with your CGM, you can get help from your pharmacist. We’ve also found that Abbott Labs is very helpful, even replacing it for free if it doesn't work.

*You must have iPhone 7+ to retrieve your glucose data to an app without the reader device.