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Warnings and caveats

  1. The add-on CGM is the processing fee for a prescription only.  You will need to purchase the device at your local pharmacy.  Our medical staff will send a prescription for two refills of an Abbott Labs Freestyle Libre. Each CGM sensor lasts 2 weeks. Expect to pay roughly $35 - $50 for each 2-week device. or a total of $70-$100 if you buy both that are covered with this prescription.
  2. The CGM is for educational purposes only. No physician relationship is implied. Always consult your own healthcare professional for all medical questions.
  3. Tastermonial does not make or sell the CGM, so unfortunately we can’t be responsible for any problems you experience with the device.  Don’t worry, though, it’s easy! Millions of people just like you have already successfully used CGM devices. If you have trouble, you can get help from your pharmacist. If there’s a problem with your CGM, we’ve found that Abbott Labs is very helpful, even replacing it for free if it doesn't work.
  4. You must have an iPhone 7 or above.